Appreciation from clients about the process and results. These recommendations are real and can be verified.

“It is with great pleasure that I personally recommend Simona Buzatu as a true professional, an efficient listener, a quick learner and a role-model in terms of reliability and commitment to deadlines. As Marketing Manager of the National Media Center, one of the largest media trusts in Romania, I was especially careful with re-designing the brand, an activity carried out simultaneously by the British company Kemistry and our creative art department – for which Simona was a very important player. I was impressed by the fact that Simona’s work matched the level of the British art directors. Moreover, she took on the responsibility of coming forth with her own propositions, which turned out to closely match the concept and execution of those presented by Kemistry. From that moment on, I assigned Simona more complex projects, and she honored each of them brilliantly.This is why I continued to work with Simona after she left NMC, and her number is still at the top of my list of designers I am currently working with.”

Calin Georgescu,
Director de Marketing
Centrul National Media

“I have been a sports entrepreneur for over 10 years now and I can say that meeting Simona was like going from 1st League to Champions League, as far as graphics and web design are concerned. The great amount of offers known as “ your website for just 100 euro” or “ I know a guy who can do this for a reasonable price” are a false track and a serious waste of time! Simona is more than a professional designer,she is a gifted one and an excellent business consultant. I found vision, reasoning and consistency during my collaboration with Simona for the Campion Sports&Media and Magic Ads projects. And if Simona was successful in “sports”, an apparently difficult field for women, I am sure she can be successful in anything else.”

Gabriel Gurita, General Manager Campion Sport & Media

“I found Simona and Nushu during my Internet search for a developer to help me create the Lavandine.ro virtual shop. Our e-mail/telephone communication was impeccable throughout the project, despite the fact that we are some hundreds of kilometres apart and that we have never actually met. From our first phone conversation, I felt I could trust Simona and behind her warm and decided voice I saw a professional to whom I could entrust the future of my company. And not only was I right, but the final result of the project went beyond any expectations and I only receive positive feedback from my viewers.”

Claudia Bulai Lavandine.ro

“It all started a few years ago when I saw Florin Chilian’s clip for “Zece”. I was impressed by the clip’s creativity and quality and I was even more surprised to learn it was a Romanian production. And this is how I came to discover Artvisiona. My project was to design a package for a Romanian coffee – Cafe Fortuna. I needed several pricings. I first asked large and famous companies for this. But the packaging design in their portfolio did not appeal to me. It was correct, but vapid. Not to mention the prices. And this is how my cooperation with Simona started . I like how she handles projects in a professional, serious and prompt manner. The result is a unique design, to which one is instantly drawn, as it is a combination of aesthetics, harmony and balance. It reflects the talent, culture and the large amount of work that make her different from all the other graphic designers.”

Project coordinator, Magda Culcea Cafea Fortuna

” I would like to thank Simona for her cooperation and for the design she created for Reverto website! Despite having communicated remotely, by phone or e-mail, each detail and any change I requested was handled with the utmost care. A significant advantage is the readiness and timeliness she showed. The final result expresses my exact wishes, but most importantly – it led to a positive feedback from all our customers.”

Turcanu Marina Reverto.ro

“A few months ago I received a presentation e-mail from Simona Buzatu, and since at that time I had several ongoing design projects, I opened the links in the mail out of curiosity. I immediately realised that behind everything I could see in the presentation site there was a true professional. I had a positive experience with their excellent pricing quote platform and not long after I got a call so as to discuss the details. I still had my doubts that working with artists is difficult as they generally lack some essential business qualities like: timeliness, timing, deadlines etc. But I decided to try with a small project. After signing the contract and making the down payment I received a simple email saying that “around four p.m. on Thursday I will send you the first elements of design according to our discussion”. At half past three on Thursday I received them and I couldn’t believe it- it was a very well done job and most of all, on time. Simona is a true professional, an exquisite artist, and last but not least, a prompt and business-like person,and these are qualities one can almost never find in the web design industry. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Simona Buzatu as the most serious collaborator I have worked with so far. Ps. In the meantime we worked together for several other projects, namely visual identity make-over, web design and blog SEO optimisation.”

Adrian Matei, Manager Elog

“I wanted to open an online shop for educational and intellectual stimulation toys for children, and as I was searching for the best suited solution, I received an email from Simona. I carefully read the presentation, and since I liked how it had been done I decided to access Magento-Designer-Store.ro for further details. I saw there were clear explanations regarding the necessary steps in creating a project like the one I had. I was also pleasantly surprised with the solutions Simona and Nushu had used in the past and I was drawn by their extensive experience in the field. I filled out the form regarding creating an online shop and to my surprise I was contacted shortly by phone for discussing the specifics. I have two reasons for which I wanted to highlight the beginning of our collaboration : the agreed upon deadlines were always respected and the fact that they explained in detail all the steps of the project, so that I was always in the know with regards to what was to happen with the project. I was also very impressed with the creative solutions ranging from the shop’s design, the visual identity handbook to the technical solutions. Another important aspect of our collaboration was communication: all my questions were quickly answered and the fact that we communicated via Skype only saved valuable physical time and enabled us to establish flexible meetings. The fact that even after the project was finished we continued working together in developing the website and for the communication/promotion areas only stands to prove that Simona and Nushu are true professionals whom I sincerely recommend.”

Catalin Axente ToysPlaza.ro

“I wanted that the image of our online translation agency define precisely what we wanted out of this project. Collaborating with Simona Buzatu was the best choice in terms of visual identity and website execution. Throughout the project she showed a lot of creativity, an artistic touch and talent, which were completed by reliability, professionalism, transparency and efficient communication. Working with her was a real pleasure and the result matched our expectations. Simona is a very pleasant and selfless person. I dearly recommend her as she knows how to make any wish come true.”

Anca Puchete, General Manager Tradoteca.ro

“The project I worked on together with Simona and Nushu went according to the initial plan, with no delays or problems. Despite being in different cities we had a perfect online collaboration. It was the first online project than not only did not stress us, but gave us great pleasure in working with reliable people.”

Suciu Ioana, Simar-Prod

“I manage a beauty parlor, and working in a field that mainly addresses women, it was very important to me that I collaborate with a woman, so as to be on the same page right from the start. And so it was, as working with Simona in creating the website was a success. I thank her for her readiness, professionalism, respecting the deadlines, patience and creativity. We discussed every detail and aspect right from the beginning and the result was just as communicated. We will work together for other projects as well. Thank you Simona!”

Gina Plescan, Manager Just4Women

“Some years ago I received a message with Christmas greetings from an unknown sender. Apart from these greetings, there was a presentation of a professional portfolio. We had just finished delivering our new online shop. “In the beginning they all say how great they are”- that was our thought at first. We were parting ways with an unpleasant experience, where those whom we had initially hired to do the online shop went out of their way to show us their lack of professionalism. And so, this offer came at the worst moment possible. We didn’t want anything to do with web design companies. From some unknown reason I did not delete the message. In the meantime, everybody suggested , either discreetly or directly, that we should do something about our online shop, as despite the large amount of money that we had invested, it was still average. We remembered the message we received at Christmas. We manned ourselves up and contacted them. Our confidence was restored after our first conversation and we started working with Simona and Nushu who have helped us and taught us a lot about a completely new field to us and totally outside our area of professional expertise. Simona and Nushu left a definite, decisive mark on most of the essential aspects of our now obvious successfully online shop. Their professionalism and reliability in approaching our project restored our confidence that this field still has serious, well prepared people in Romania.”

Emilia Nitulescu Manager Jad Flamande

“Many thanks to Simona Buzatu for her contribution to the creation of our new website. Our collaboration was a simple one: we told her about the products and brands we promote, what our strengths are and our desired audience and Simona created the website structure and we instantly liked the design. The actual results came after she worked on the optimization, and that was when we realised the advantages of working with a professional: the traffic on our website increased in the first 10 days. We will definitely be working together for future projects.”

Pitu Cristian, General Manager Antosgrup.ro

From a recently received e-mail: “ I am writing to tell you that even after 2 years from our collaboration I am still very much pleased with what you did for us. Good luck in everything you do !”

Oliver Sterian, General Manager The Candy Shop

“Simona and Nushu came as a recommendation from our IT guy- better said our servers and laptops’ hero, in December 2015, when we were desperately searching for a more complex promoting campaign. I contacted them and Simona’s reply was quite quick: “ You should completely redo our website, as we need to ensure it is 100% correctly built before we can guarantee any results in promoting.” I had heard that before, I used to receive tons of offers for website design, but as soon as I asked about SEO and measuring results, they would vanish in thin air . On the other hand, our situation wasn’t pretty. We had been working for some years with some unreliable boys, who had a habit of exceeding deadlines by weeks or even months, and did a sloppy job. And this is how we started working with Simona and Nushu. I had carefully watched Artvisiona videos and I knew that we were on the same page. I was a little reluctant when I invited them over to meet each other and sign the contract and instead I found out we would have a video-conference and the papers would be sent by courier. But my instinct told me to go with it. In less than two months we launched our new platform, and I am very satisfied with it. Our world suppliers and local customers all said that our website looks and acts much better. It’s at a different level now, a professional one. We are still working with Simona and Nushu to whom I would like to thank for all the successful projects we had worked together on.”

Alina Stanescu, GSMFit.ro

“Artvisiona met our need to promote the FOTOCONNECT course on self-exploring through photography. We really needed somebody creative, visual, with an artistic bend, capable and bold enough to do something different. Simona was the right person at the right time and our collaboration was extremely efficient. There were no timeouts, discussions were structured and to the point and we had faith in them. Moreover, Simona knew how to organise us and foresee issues that could decrease the impact of our website. Last but not least, we are pleased to see that even after finalising the website, we are still working together and Artivisiona is our fundamental partner in online.”

Monica Georgescu, Photographer and Psychologist Fotoconnect.ro

„After many years, as the song goes, I just so happened I needed a visual identity, for a new project. So without hesitation, I called Simona, we hadn’t spoken in some time. There was a talk, I explained the details of my new project, I checked the form requesting the offer and good luck. As a parenthesis, I have to say it’s quite handy that when such a need emerges you know right from the start you have who to go to. Meaning you don’t search the Internet or who knows where else. It’s really, really helpful to have serious collaborators with whom you are sure of the result and not wasting time- if only I had that in everything I do! Then…Some days pass and one morning the proposals for the logo arrived. Again, as a parenthesis, I had something completely different in mind, meaning that none of the options sent by Simona matched the ideas swarming through my brain. I also told her that she baffled me and that I needed a few hours to come around. In those few hours, I hadn’t gone to the shores of the Somes river and watch the water flowing- as I told her, but I thought of those ideas for a long time and I chose one of the four options. At the end of the day I informed Simona on the option I had decided on and she was a little surprised with how fast I was. And, boy, wasn’t that a good decision, because during the next days and as the visual identity came to shape, I began to like it more and more. Every day a little more, then came the slogan, the first images, and with each day that passed I liked it even more. It’s much like giving birth to your child. The first day you look at him as something new. He may look like you or not, but he is cute and somehow, some days must pass before realising he is not a stranger, that he is really yours so that you can then love him unconditionally. And this is what happened. And now, I am very proud with my visual identity. I asked Simona how she did it. I am not sure she knew exactly what I meant, but to you, the one reading this I have just one thing to say: if you one day refer to Artivisiona for any of their services, give them the green light and let the people do their job, as they are very good. Very, very good! Thank you Simona, and all the best!”

Dresoru’ de stiuci, fanaticlures.ro