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UNIVERSUL SACRU company holds classes based on the Markaba concept and meditation technique, according to Drunvalo Melchizedek’s research. Merkaba is considered to be the key towards the superior levels of the conscience. One of the main reasons for which students turn to UNIVERSUL SACRU is the lack of deep satisfaction in the way their lives are carried out and the conviction that these meditations can help them fulfill their dreams.

Despite the fact that it existed for several years, the company did not have a professional logo, thus disabling their chance in shaping a distinct and easy to remember visual identity, in harmony with the field of activity.

The new identity emerges from the idea of beginning, represented by the “point”. This is found three times in the logo, in various representations. The symbols for moon and sun, on the same circle, represent a complete, recurrent cycle, thus connecting meditation with nature and spirituality with the cosmic elements. The symbol for the eye of God, or the third eye, an all-too familiar element in all religion, is also present.

The chosen colors- violet and green are not random, either. Violet is the color of mystery, secrecy and change, while green, its opposite, is the color of nature, a mediator between cool and warm, the color of hope and rebirth. The company’s name- written in violet and green- also completes the logo’s balance by the choice of an italic font. The rest of the corporate materials ( such as business cards) include elements of the logo, repeated or combined in an ingenious manner ( in order to suggest, in a subtle manner, the idea of universe, limitless, infinite).
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