Privilegio Pitesti architectural representation

Privilegio Pitesti rarchitectural representation interior

architectural representation 3D

3D interior view

3D interior representation

graphics 3D architectural

architectural representation interior building

architectural representation interior building

architecture 3D graphics

render 3D interior design

render 3D interior design

Design / 3D / VFX: Nicolae Carpenisan & OLGA AVRAMOV
Commercial Manager: Alin Preda

With the launch of two apartment complexes in Brasov and Pitesti, under its own brand "Privilegio", Volumetric shows its determination to bring a new breath in real estate development in Romania.

Presented under the brand "Privilegio" the concept aims to be more than just a set of apartments and offers future residents a set of privileges.
Privilegio concept attracts the attention primarily by exceptional functionality of the apartments by facilities for comfort. The facilities they offer each building includes underground parking, interior courtyard and garden, shopping malls and other utilities but ultramodern international level.

The two ensembles benefit from premium locations: Privilegio Brasov Traian Street, right in the center of Brasov and Pitesti Privilegio, in the center of Pitesti, Nicolae Balcescu Avenue, with direct access Gavana Park.