Multimedia Educational Videos


Explaining digital terminology so that everybody can understand it and in an easy to follow manner. Web Design , Web Programming, SEO, visual identity, online animations... are just a few of the terms we hear being used in the Romanian business on a daily basis. But how many actually know what they mean? Or how many have the time to look up and search, so as to understand and then properly use them?

Artvisiona comes as an answer to these needs at a moment when there is so little time for reading and studying and technology has a fast development pace. In the most accessible and comfortable manner, with just a click away, Artvisiona offers to those who are interested educational videos explaining media language for the wide public, through the “Educational videos for all” ongoing project, an extension of Artvisiona blog. The videos are translated into English, French and German and can be viewed here.

The educational videos target both emerging graphic design specialists and those unrelated to the field, but who wish to be informed. Viewers can post comments, suggestions and propositions, and their ideas can be used in future productions.

Project created by:
Nicolae Carpenisan: 3D (composition, animation, render);
Simona Buzatu: Concept, texts, 2D animation, montage, chroma key editing, video / audio montage and editing;
Carpenisan Nicolae senior: light engineering;
Carmen Ivanov: diction preparation;
Otilia Carpenisan: Romanian-English translation;
Anca Puchete: Romanian-French translation;
Tatiana Starasciuc: Romanian-German translation.