Motor Inn

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Client: MOTOR INN (Zipper)
Services: e-Commerce website ( virtual store ), search engine optimization. is the website where you can find various items for those passionate about motocycling: Klim O'Neal Enduristan, motocycle helmets, jackets, bags and other accesories.

A dynamic design, designated for those who love speed, engine force, the power of the two-wheeled technology, in a nutshell- adrenaline.

A virtual store, signed Magento Designer Store by Artvisiona, hosting a wide range of motorcycle-designed items (equipment, accessories, maintenance).

The main idea behind the website was the concept of freedom- maybe the most important gift offered by a motorcycle- hence the background displays an open scenery, an honest and direct invitation to a two-wheeled journey. The predominant category font shade is black, interchanging with metallic gridded models, suggesting force, power, technology and in memorable contrast with the retro-reflecting yellow, a trademark of auto-moto protection equipment.

The home page consists of all the necessary information for a user- slider with the most important website elements- offers, promotions, producers- , a complex and comprehensive menu, a quick search system, detailed categories, MOTOR INN recommendations, access to a relevant video gallery of the two-wheeled sector, built-in blog ( as the „Tips & tricks” and „News” entries).

Website features:
  • importing approximately 6000 Joomla items, including complex ones ( item made up of sub-items/versions);
  • Excel: export plugin to Magento;
  • Magento: app for importing new items and/or updating data (stock/name/description) from Excel;
  • extensive items’ attributes (size, color, height etc);
  • newsletter sign-up;
  • online payment by credit card.
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