3D Graphics – Theadstore

Services: 3D character concept, design and animation (modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering).

THE AD-STORE is a network of full service agencies created in 1993 in New York, USA. It has 17 offices in 15 countries on four continents.
THE AD-STORE ROMANIA was born in 2002, as a full service advertising agency dedicated to solving communication needs in an expressive, out of box and empathic manner.

Considering the agency’s view and their business politics, it was essential to create a unique, surprising and exciting way of presenting its services, one that would benefit from the use of complex 3D animation techniques.

Futuristic concept, animation and 3D graphic package (a robot character and interior design). While browsing, the user has a map helping him choose various locations. In each of them, the robot presents a service category and offers the required information, with the help of several animations- spins, jumps, points with its hand or the screen on its chest- the one displaying the THE AD-STORE logo.

The robot is created with cute curves and a lot of technical details, making it real. It borrows robot characters from movies , without being a copy of any of them. The interiors are large, spacious, bright, apparently out of a possible future reality, created with fluid lines and a combination of orange, blue and grey.

The dominant color, however, is orange- a warm, lively color meant to humanize the entire concept and create a pleasant, friendly and definitely memorable atmosphere.
Time is people’s most valuable resource, that is why we handle your project exclusively, and you can focus on your priorities. The best results come forth as a direct result of the trust our clients have in us.
A well-thought design tolerates no approximation. It reaches the public by winning over both reason and emotions.
Our clients, our partners for the journey! Usually, after the first project, our clients remain naturally close to us, choosing to go on with us. Their satisfaction and success, as well as the passion and commitment with which we dedicate ourselves to each of them represent our business card. Thus, long-term collaboration is the one that suits us best.
For complex requests please contact us at : inquiry@artvisiona.ro
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