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Services: concept and brand design, presentation website, search engine optimization.

With the purpose of offering you new experiences, different perspective on the world and human relationships and finding yourself , FOTOCONNECT proposes a three-week amator photo course (30 hours- 6 modules), a genuine photographic psychoanalysis. Details on the course:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And if the beholder filters that beauty through the eye of a camera also, then he becomes more than just a witness, he becomes a creator of beauty. This is the promise that FOTOCONNECT makes to all those passionate about beauty and photography, by offering them the chance to explore their inner world in a relaxed manner, attending an unprecedented photography course, combining the art of imaging with psychology.  

Creation of a dynamic, friendly and inspirational presentation site, for the photographic self-exploring courses organised by Monica Georgescu (photographer and psychologist) and Nicoleta Neghina (Coach).  

FOTOCONNECT benefits from a responsive site (optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile use), created as a story, sliding in a string of animations- each complying to a state- with a minimalist design, highlighting its content. The simple menu enables quick access to all the website’s categories, offering a pleasant and useful browsing experience, as well as all the information a new visitor needs so that in the nearest future he becomes a possible customer. Those interested can register at any time by filling out a simple form, directly on the website. The project also has its own built-in blog.
“Artvisiona met our need to promote the FOTOCONNECT course on self-exploring through photography. We really needed somebody creative, visual, with an artistic bend, capable and bold enough to do something different. Simona was the right person at the right time and our collaboration was extremely efficient. There were no timeouts, discussions were structured and to the point and we had faith in them. Moreover, Simona knew how to organise us and foresee issues that could decrease the impact of our website. Last but not least, we are pleased to see that even after finalising the website, we are still working together and Artivisiona is our fundamental partner in online.”Monica Georgescu, Photographer and Psychologist
Time is people’s most valuable resource, that is why we handle your project exclusively, and you can focus on your priorities. The best results come forth as a direct result of the trust our clients have in us.
A well-thought design tolerates no approximation. It reaches the public by winning over both reason and emotions.
Our clients, our partners for the journey! Usually, after the first project, our clients remain naturally close to us, choosing to go on together. Their satisfaction and success, as well as the passion and commitment with which we dedicate ourselves to each of them, represent our business card. Thus, long-term collaboration is the one that suits us best.
Brand counseling Start-up & old businesses Brand is the measure of fame in any business. Brand is the promise you make, consequently, the promise you will always have to respect. Therefore, counseling is an indispensable service, regardless of the stage of the analysed business: start-up brand, rebrand, brand management or repositioning.