Fanatic Lures

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Services: concept and brand design, packaging & label design.

The company produces 100% hand-made, made in Romania fishing articles (artificial lures), identical to natural foods found in predatory ponds, using first quality American working material. Created out of love for fishing and nature, by a fisherman for sort fishermen, the product is designed for catching pikes (predator fish, aggressive, known hunter and especially drawn to bright colored, moving artificial lures).

FANATIC LURES needed for sport fishermen- who are the designated target of their product- to recognize it without hesitation at the same time being convinced that it was the absolute must in catching a large number of pikes.

Solution The logo had a minimalist design. The highlight of it were the colors, complying with the articles ( highlighted/loud/attractive). The package was completed by some relevant information in a creative display, so that it immediately catches the eye of those interested in this special type of lures.

„Do you remember telling everybody about that huge pike you dropped after a life and death struggle? And that you didn’t even get the chance to take a picture before dropping it? Well, you can forget that nightmare, as you can now safely catch it as predator fish, and pikes in particular, love Fanatic Lures.

By bringing Fanatic lures to life you’ll catch your prey and you’ll have lots of pictures to prove it! It is high time you earned back everybody’s respect! Fanatic fishermen deserve FANATIC LURES!”
„After many years, as the song goes, I just so happened I needed a visual identity, for a new project. So without hesitation, I called Simona, we hadn’t spoken in some time. There was a talk, I explained the details of my new project, I checked the form requesting the offer and good luck. As a parenthesis, I have to say it’s quite handy that when such a need emerges you know right from the start you have who to go to. Meaning you don’t search the Internet or who knows where else. It’s really, really helpful to have serious collaborators with whom you are sure of the result and not wasting time- if only I had that in everything I do!Then…Some days pass and one morning the proposals for the logo arrived. Again, as a parenthesis, I had something completely different in mind, meaning that none of the options sent by Simona matched the ideas swarming through my brain. I also told her that she baffled me and that I needed a few hours to come around. In those few hours, I hadn’t gone to the shores of the Somes river and watch the water flowing- as I told her, but I thought of those ideas for a long time and I chose one of the four options. At the end of the day I informed Simona on the option I had decided on and she was a little surprised with how fast I was.And, boy, wasn’t that a good decision, because during the next days and as the visual identity came to shape, I began to like it more and more. Every day a little more, then came the slogan, the first images, and with each day that passed I liked it even more. It’s much like giving birth to your child. The first day you look at him as something new. He may look like you or not, but he is cute and somehow, some days must pass before realising he is not a stranger, that he is really yours so that you can then love him unconditionally. And this is what happened. And now, I am very proud with my visual identity.I asked Simona how she did it. I am not sure she knew exactly what I meant, but to you, the one reading this I have just one thing to say: if you one day refer to Artivisiona for any of their services, give them the green light and let the people do their job, as they are very good. Very, very good! Thank you Simona, and all the best!”Dresoru’ de stiuci,
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