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Services: concept and brand design
E LOGIC SOLUTIONS is a company trading IT&C products, from copiers, faxes and printers to any type of office supplies and software or hardware equipment.

Although the company had been founded and had been active for several years on the Romanian market, it still lacked a representative, memorable logo that would differentiate it from their industry competitors.

The first stage of the visual identity redefining process was re-designing the eLog logo, in order to solve the visual balance and legibility issues.
The logo was designed so that the brand is highlighted beyond any shadow of a doubt, and was created by combining an edited printer with a camera and the name (eLog), all the while complying with its specific graphics. The font used is solid, pleasant and easy to read.
Furthermore, a simple built logo is easy to remember and to associate with the brand, expresses its values and is different from competitive brands ( so as to avoid confusion), anticipates and decreases customization costs on the brand’s communication tools: business cards, letterheads, car branding, labels…  
The chosen colors- blue ( wisdom, trust, loyalty) and green (nature, life, hope, strength)- enhance the visibility and identity of the logo. The fact that E LOGIC SOLUTIONS’s slogan- „clever using, stylish printing” found its place within the logo eases the identification of the company’s undertaken mission and makes it easier to remember through constant display.
“A few months ago I received a presentation e-mail from Simona Buzatu, and since at that time I had several ongoing design projects, I opened the links in the mail out of curiosity. I immediately realised that behind everything I could see in the presentation site there was a true professional. I had a positive experience with their excellent pricing quote platform and not long after I got a call so as to discuss the details.
I still had my doubts that working with artists is difficult as they generally lack some essential business qualities like: timeliness, timing, deadlines etc. But I decided to try with a small project. After signing the contract and making the down payment I received a simple email saying that “around four p.m. on Thursday I will send you the first elements of design according to our discussion”. At half past three on Thursday I received them and I couldn’t believe it- it was a very well done job and most of all, on time. Simona is a true professional, an exquisite artist, and last but not least, a prompt and business-like person,and these are qualities one can almost never find in the web design industry.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Simona Buzatu as the most serious collaborator I have worked with so far.
Ps. In the meantime we worked together for several other projects, namely visual identity make-over, web design and blog SEO optimisation.”Adrian Matei, Director Elog
Time is people’s most valuable resource, that is why we handle your project exclusively, and you can focus on your priorities. The best results come forth as a direct result of the trust our clients have in us.
A well-thought design tolerates no approximation. It reaches the public by winning over both reason and emotions.
Our clients, our partners for the journey! Usually, after the first project, our clients remain naturally close to us, choosing to go on together. Their satisfaction and success, as well as the passion and commitment with which we dedicate ourselves to each of them, represent our business card. Thus, long-term collaboration is the one that suits us best.
Brand counseling Start-up & old businesses Brand is the measure of fame in any business. Brand is the promise you make, consequently, the promise you will always have to respect. Therefore, counseling is an indispensable service, regardless of the stage of the analysed business: start-up brand, rebrand, brand management or repositioning.