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Services: concept and brand design

The company offers innovative solutions for TV, radio, film industry, corporate AV and IT&C, being a specialized importer in professional AV equipment merchandising and embedding.

CREATIVE BROADCAST SOLUTIONS’ product and solutions portfolio include turnkey solutions as well as TV and video-camera equipment and accessories, studio TV equipment, video mastering, MCR, post-production, movies,radio and audio studio equipment, a wide variety of professional displays, latest videowall systems, digital signage solutions, data center solutions and Av and IT&C facilities equipment.

By combining cutting-edge technology with creative solutions, the company differs from its competition through the know-how, experience, reliability and above all, the high class professional services.

Creating a different, memorable and consistent visual identity that would liven up the company’s standards and be consistent with its field, at the same time closely reflecting the image that   CREATIVE BROADCAST SOLUTIONS has on the market of professional AV equipment.

The visual identity of CREATIVE BROADCAST SOLUTIONS emerges from the general common element for all digital devices, the result being an artistic editing, with a forefront emphasis on the company’s name. The chord used - a cool tone map in shades of blue ( from light blue to purple) combined with white- inspires criteria characterising what is material, exact, technologic. The curves in the design soften the suggested rigour of the colors and support the idea of creativity, that is also found in the company’s name.
Time is people’s most valuable resource, that is why we handle your project exclusively, and you can focus on your priorities. The best results come forth as a direct result of the trust our clients have in us.
A well-thought design tolerates no approximation. It reaches the public by winning over both reason and emotions.
Our clients, our partners for the journey! Usually, after the first project, our clients remain naturally close to us, choosing to go on together. Their satisfaction and success, as well as the passion and commitment with which we dedicate ourselves to each of them, represent our business card. Thus, long-term collaboration is the one that suits us best.
Brand counseling Start-up & old businesses Brand is the measure of fame in any business. Brand is the promise you make, consequently, the promise you will always have to respect. Therefore, counseling is an indispensable service, regardless of the stage of the analysed business: start-up brand, rebrand, brand management or repositioning.