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Services: concept and brand design, packaging & label design.

„The natural way of preserving your beauty!”- this is the concept with which the company began manufacturing the first natural cosmetics in 2010. In the context of an industry where name, image and advertising do not complete but define the cosmetic products, in other words advertising is more expensive than the product itself, NATURALE HANDMADE COSMETICS set itself the purpose of offering, to those who had also declared war against chemicals, cosmetics that were truly helpful to the skin, transparent in terms of their ingredients and, last but not least, healthy and 100% natural ( no colorants, parabens, SLS, propylene glycol or other petrochemicals).  

Before being placed on the market, each cosmetic manufactured under NATURALE brand was dermatologically, bacteriologically and microbiologically tested, according to EU reglementations in certified labs and declared as adequate in terms of health safety.

Creating an authentic brand image that encompasses the company’s values- beauty, nature, health- and that distinguishes NATURALE products from its competitors.

A fresh, easy to remember identity, different from the other logos containing little leaves, flowers and hand fonts. The colors used are blue and green, as they send out energy and embody the idea of nature, sky and earth.

With regards to the packaging design concept (30 for all the brand products: soaps, solid shampoos, body and face lotions), they show ideas of clarity and minimalism , using a predominantly white background, so as to complete and support the symbolism of the log, maintaining a harmonious and coherent connection to the company values.
Time is people’s most valuable resource, that is why we handle your project exclusively, and you can focus on your priorities. The best results come forth as a direct result of the trust our clients have in us.
A well-thought design tolerates no approximation. It reaches the public by winning over both reason and emotions.
Our clients, our partners for the journey! Usually, after the first project, our clients remain naturally close to us, choosing to go on together. Their satisfaction and success, as well as the passion and commitment with which we dedicate ourselves to each of them, represent our business card. Thus, long-term collaboration is the one that suits us best.
Brand counseling Start-up & old businesses Brand is the measure of fame in any business. Brand is the promise you make, consequently, the promise you will always have to respect. Therefore, counseling is an indispensable service, regardless of the stage of the analysed business: start-up brand, rebrand, brand management or repositioning.