The Visual Identity Manual

The Visual Identity Manual is a system of rules and recommendations, which apply to the fundamental visual elements in order to ensure coherence, stability and harmonious development of the brand in time. If a company does not have a clear visual identity, then it will not stand out from the other companies in the mind of the consumers.Imagine what it would be like if Mcdonald’s logo were different in each area we would see it. It would be impossible for a connection to be made in the mind of the consumer between the logo and the brand’s promises.The Visual Identity Manual is addressed to any person who will work with your logo in the future. It is essential to develop a visual identity manual as early as possible after the making of the logo. There are many ways in which a product or service can be branded, but most of the times it is incorrect. For this reason a visual identity manual is indispensable. Here is what a visual identity manual contains:
  • Values and description of brand.
  • Specifications related to colours, fonts and sizes.
  • A series of situations in which the brand can be used or not.
  • Positioning on different carriers from writing paper, to uniforms, buildings and vehicles.
  • Specifications for promotion materials online, print and tv.
  • Correct positioning of the brand will build value in time.
A visual identity manual will ensure that the brand will gain the value it deserves.The Visual Identity Manual is also called: Visual Style Guide, Brand Bible, Brand Guideline