Premium virtual stores: Magento Designer Store

There is a certain nostalgia in remembering things that were created half a century ago, their taste, savvy and dedication. In a world where quantity dominates quality, Magento Designer Store helps those who still appreciate something that is well done.Magento Designer Store is a premium service of building e-Commerce websites.It stands out from the other virtual stores through its unique design and features tailored according to the client’s demands and needs. There are no templates, pre-designed themes or models. We create each store from scratch.

Why Magento ?

Magento is currently the strongest e-commerce platform in the world.Over 100,000 merchants worldwide are using this electronic trade system. Media Galaxy, Romtelecom, Altex, Canson, Samsung, Ford, Nespresso, Olympus, Papyrus, Nike, Nestle and Interflora are just a few of them.

How much does it cost ?

Given that it’s a custom-made product and that each project has its own specifications and needs, there is no catalogue price.The price for each Magento Design Store virtual store is offered exclusively after a detailed assessment of the desired project. You can send your request for an offer in less than 5 minutes. You just have to press the button for price estimate and answer some questions.

How long does it take ?

Depending on the complexity of each project, a virtual Magento Designer Store can take between 5 and 10 weeks. The stages of this period are: web design, programming, testing, optimization within the website and, in some cases product entry. In the event you already have a virtual store and you want to change it while keeping the database, there is the possibility of completely moving the content of the existing website to a new one created with Magento platform. The effort will, therefore be minimum. This is the ideal solution for stores with hundreds or thousands of products, so as to eliminate the efforts of a manual entry of products.