About the team


Design studio, specialized in brand strategy and exclusive premium digital content, created by a couple who turned their passion into a business, thus making their work a pleasure.
Simona Gabriela Buzatu
Brand Architect, Multimedia Designer & Developer
With 15 years of experience and another 15 years of studies in the field of fine arts, she designs and implements creative ideas for digital projects. Since 2009 she has been writing on Artvisiona blog articles explaining the field’s terminology in a manner that everybody can understand with the main purpose of fostering communication with clients. In 2012 the information on the blog got re-designed with the help of educational movies. These are highlighted both by the utility of the video information and the techniques used. This in an ongoing project.

Nicolae Carpenisan
Magento Specialist , 3D & VFX Senior Creator
His passion for computers and mathematics made him experiment with programming from a very early age, thus, he now masters several programming languages used for building eCommerce websites and web applications as well as for advertising, TV and cinema projects. Professional experience: Art Director Realitatea Tv, Creative Director for the National Media Center and a freelancer since 2007.


We always have a list of professional freelancers whom we call when project development requires it.